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Quality over quantity is what makes us different. Adding true value to the lives of both candidates and customers is what we are about. 

Our Recruitment Methodology

Our recruitment methodology is highly comprehensive, from the early receipt of job specifications from our client down to the follow-up after therecruitment process has completed. 

Job Placements

We boast a highly successful placement and retention rate for permanent/contract positions,locally and internationally.

Talent Sourcing

We access the best industry talent via our data base search, headhunting, online/social media, referrals, and networking.

CV Screening

We only compile and forward the right comprehensive, accurate, and worthwhile CVs to the client.

Social Media Presence

We have a consistent social media presence, therefore always expanding our network to connect the best suitable candidate with the best job. 

Value Added Content

Producing valuable content that empowers you in your career is one of our main drivers. 

Verification Checks

We conduct references and various verification checks (employer, criminal, credit) before the interviewing process.

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Your Global Recruitment Partner

Professional Sourcing is a top tier South African-based recruitment agency operating internationally, IPM accredited, LEVEL 2 BEE RATED and 51% Black Owned.

Founded in 2005 by Patricia Koekemoer, it has since established a culture of excellence and exceptional value and care for its most valuable commodity, its people.

Our agency specialises in professional placements (senior and specialist talent) and exclusive skills recruitment to a wide range of industries, including JSE’s top 100 companies, SMEs and the Public Sector.

We are committed to building long-term relationships with our candidates and clients and have built a reputation based on confidentiality, honesty, and integrity. 

Real testimonials

from real people
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“I just wanted to take a moment to thank Alicia van Zyl, Heidi Muller and everyone at Professional sourcing for the opportunity for career and personal growth they have provided for me. I have been at my new job one week and I feel this is the opportunity of a lifetime...THANK YOU!!!!”

Abel Ndlovu Compliance Supervisor

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Our Blog

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