Learning & Development Practitioner


Thank you Pro Sourcing 😊😊, this is my second time being named HR Star of the Quarter. There are few organization appreciate and recognize employees especial  in HR. I love what I do, L&D chose me.. it’s my passion. It feels like its been a couple of years at SAHL, I work with an amazing team. Sometimes I hold back, and I don’t want to over share. This organization is centered around customer satisfaction both internal and external. You do it without even realizing, as it almost part of our SAHL DNA😊. I always pray that the candidates you place, never let you down and that we also remain grounded and remember where we come from. As I settle and learn more about this amazing organization, I want to grow and reach my full potential. I look forward to many more of these amazing recognitions. Thank you Patricia!!! Please pass my regards to the team.

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