What we do

  • 10 Years experience providing permanent and contract recruitment solutions.
  • We assist clients with national and international placements.
  • We have placed candidates in South Africa, Middle East and Africa.
  • We boast a highly successful placement and retention rate.
  • Our service is extremely professional, very thorough – we dot our “i”s and cross our “t”s – we are set on getting it right the first time.
  • Professional Sourcing is focused on a select group of clients.  We get to know each of our clients extremely well and we follow through on our promises made. Every client is a key client to us.
  • We do not run our own payroll for contract placements and therefore contractors are placed onto our client’s payroll.
  • Our turnaround time is 3-4 days unless otherwise negotiated for highly specialised roles.


Professional Sourcing offers the additional Service of Response Handling to our clients as a less expensive alternative to the full Permanent Recruitment service. Response Handling has the benefit of offering our valued clients the opportunity to gain media exposure through display advertising using your company logo and managing the complete administrative support function in order to provide you with a long list of candidate applications, matching your vacancy criteria.

Our Response Handling Service Includes:

  • Establish your Recruitment Requirements including job specification/s, remuneration and other relevant parameters. (Client to advise on the specific required Response Handling Criteria  which will reflect on the  presented final report)
  • Confirm the agreed Response Handling Process Timeline (Advert Closing Date and Response Handling Results Conclusion Date).
  • Document all Advertising Responses, from E-mail and Fax, on the Response Handling Report and identify Suitable Candidates, based on your agreed requirements, and our recruitment expertise.
  • Professional Sourcing will present an Electronic Spreadsheet Report on Disk for each vacancy reflecting the following:
  • All candidate applications received
  • All candidates matching client requirements for the specific position and present recommended short-listed candidates.

Professional Sourcing is able to provide the following additional assistance on the Short-Listed Candidates for a nominal fee:
(This Service is delivered by a 3rd party service provider (LexisNexis / EMPS) and will be done at an additional nominal fee)

  • Employer Reference Checks (Presented on the Client Reference Template if preferred)
  • Criminal Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Qualification Checks
  • Directorship Checks
  • ID Verification
  • Citizenship Verification
  • Other (If Required)

Pricing and Quotes Available upon Client Request


  • Receipt of job spec

We discuss with the client areas requiring further clarity. Our role is to ensure that we not only source the right candidate but that we match the role with our candidates’ career aspirations, delving into growth prospects and benefit for the candidate moving forward. In addition we will seek to clarify salary band, departmental/company culture, immediate superior, technical fit and personality fit, amongst others. With all new clients we spend the necessary time to understand you and ensure that we are accurately au fair with your culture; sourcing talent from an informed perspective.

We work closely with our clients and advise and act on succession planning initiatives. We will establish beforehand if the candidate required will be in line for the next level and what is needed to achieve this.

  • Attracting talent

Depending on the particular role a tailored attraction strategy will be implemented. This could include database search, headhunting, utilising online media, social media and/or networking within the industry. Our first port of reference will always be our database which records some of the finest talented leaders in South Africa and abroad. Positions are loaded onto our website and targeted portals, including online banners on targeted websites where required. Please note that client and candidate privacy will always be protected. At the levels we recruit our candidates often do not register with many agencies, rather focusing on a select few that fulfil their needs. Our reputation and word of mouth referrals therefore play a very important role.

  • Screening talent

Screening talent effectively is something that our consultants have mastered over many years’ experience within the industry. We understand what to look out for, how questions are answered and when to probe. Our interviews are detailed. We utilise a standard interview guideline which is customised to each role. Within the interview we ensure that we verify all CV details, probe critical criteria required by the client, technical depth of candidate expertise, aspirations, personality fit, what the person says and doesn’t say and body language. Clients can rest assured that after our team have conducted an interview all information is 100% accurate on a CV – we are pedantic about accuracy in fact. We get to know our clients very well and we can easily see whether a candidate will be suited to an environment – cultural fit is as important as technical skills. We understand this. We don’t take chances.

  • Assessments

Majority of our clients have their own in-house psychometric assessment facilities. We are, however, considering launching our own assessment division in the near future. Clients will be notified of this in due course.

  • Verification checks

We conduct a minimum of 2 references, but are able to conduct further references should the client require or should we believe that further probing is necessary. We gain prior consent from our candidates before conducting reference checks. We follow a standard template which acts as a guideline; however, we do tailor this for each individual role. We also utilise the client’s template where requested. We will consult with clients to find out if there is any additional information they would like probed.

Verification checks as requested by the client are conducted through LexisNexis and EMPS. We have purchased a fingerprint scanner and are therefore able to offer this service to our clients, in addition.

  • Presentation of CVs

We are able to upload candidates through our clients’ eRecruitment database system, if required. We have worked with numerous systems including Taleo and other customised in-house database systems.

The CVs we compile are comprehensive and leave no questions unanswered. Each CV is accompanied with a profile summary which explains the reasons why we would recommend the candidate. We are focused on quality and not quantity and this is reflected in the quality of our CVs compiled and presented.

We submit a maximum of 3 CVs to the client. Please note that we will not forward CVs unless we believe in their worth.

  • Arranging Interviews

We arrange interviews on behalf of the client. We prepare candidates to ensure that the client and the candidate gain the most from the interview. We always keep in mind that although our candidates are professionals within their field they are not necessarily “professional job seekers”. It is therefore imperative that they feel prepared, confident and comfortable and we guide them accordingly.

We keep in regular contact with our candidates and the client after an interview has been concluded. We believe this is the kind of service that keeps leaders in their fields registering with us. The quality aspect of representing them effectively, caring for the outcome and keeping them informed every step of the way. This is our policy.

  • Salary Negotiations

This sensitive part of the process must be handled with finesse. At senior/specialist placement level clients and candidates prefer us to manage the process. We ensure that ultimately there is a mutually beneficial remuneration agreement reached with both parties.

  • Follow-ups

We offer a 90 day guarantee period and throughout this period we follow-up with both the client and candidate. We listen and advise on any issues. We will advise the candidate to speak to the employer regarding any issues they have. It is important to have open communication.


  • Advertising in online media – online banners on targeted websites and positions loaded onto job portals
  • Social Media
  • Headhunting/Networking
  • Word of Mouth Referrals (40% of our database is made of candidates who were referred)
  • Internal and External Databases

We are focused on maintaining open communication, regular relevant interaction and delivering on what we promise. Our philosophy is to build long term relationships by delivering quality and not quantity; by providing a highly personalised service.

Clients are assisted by consultants who specialise in your industry. Service levels are closely monitored by the Managing Director, Patricia Jacobs, who is highly involved and hands-on within the business.


We get it right the first time. When our clients require a candidate who can add value immediately, they are assured that Professional Sourcing can and will deliver on this. We understand firstly the sense of urgency within recruitment, the critical necessity to find the right person who can hit the ground the running. We deliver productive candidates who do not become cost centres for our clients. 


We market our clients’ brand honestly and accurately. We will always gain an understanding of our client’s unique selling points and achievements in order to communicate this to our candidates. We are your ambassadors and we take our profession very seriously.


Professional Sourcing is financially sound. We have never needed to retrench even through the difficult recessionary periods. Financials are managed wisely.


  • Our consultants’ specialised focus in the industries they serve.
  • Consultants have strong networks in their specialisation areas.
  • Regular word of mouth referrals from candidates means that we have a steady stream of highly skilled talent registering with us. (40% of our candidates are referred to us)
  • We are focused on building long term relationships which is proven through our long standing client base.
  • We adhere to turnaround times.
  • What we promise is what is delivered.
  • Technologically advanced environment promotes ease of search.
  • We achieve 100% success rate with our long standing clients attaining to our ability in understanding our clients.  Due to our open relationship and quality of service offered we are able to provide candidates and clients with faster turnaround times – expediting the process and thereby influencing achievement of recruitment objectives. (10% of our clients are referred to us by other clients)
  • We achieve an excellent retention rate with candidates that have been placed.
  • Candidates often become our clients.
  • High levels of integrity – we would rather not make a placement if we don’t believe in the match.  We do not take chances.
  • Our international reach – 5% of our database is populated with international talent.
  • We offer industry expert knowledge – we speak our clients’ and candidates’ language
  • Interviews are in-depth going beyond competency based questioning – we take the time to understand the candidate, seeking out what is not said or written, providing guidance and ensuring that informed decisions are being made by the candidate. Our Competency based interviewing process provides Candidates with a clearer understanding of realistic salary expectations, leading to a higher rate of offers accepted and longer tenure of the placed Candidate.
  • We protect the interest of both the client and the candidate.  We don’t wish to damage relationships with either party and therefore strive for the perfect match.
  • We build deep relationships.
  • Organisation is owner managed with the Managing Director highly involved within the business. A philosophy of leading by example underpins our success.
  • Excellent reputation amongst professionals and clients – our team live our brand.  We walk the talk.
  • Our home-away-from-home and warm culture assures a low staff turnover rate.  In addition, candidates feel this when they enter our premises – it’s a warm environment.  People feel welcomed, are treated in a friendly, accommodating and equal manner. We have an extremely personable manner in dealing with candidates and clients.