3 Ways AI Changes Recruitment in the Covid-19 World


The majority of HR professionals and hiring managers agree that analytics and AI are changing the face of global recruitment, particularly in the face of Covid-19 threats. Here is how AI positively impacts the way HR people are hiring in today’s challenging marketplace.

  1. Employee sourcing and screening

Workforce shortages due to Covid-19 means that recruiters have to trim down their human capital in favour of intensifying automation. When it comes to employee sourcing, more businesses are turning to AI-enabled software to find the ideal candidate for the job.

Manually screening hundreds of applicants is a time-consuming process. At the same time, AI automation can narrow down a list of top potential candidates based on specific job criteria within minutes, filtering out unqualified applicants and saving hours of work. The choice is obvious.

Furthermore, AI-powered chatbots can filter candidates even further by engaging with the shortlisted applicants with a predefined questionnaire for job pre-screening. This can reduce the time spent on the general interviewing process, ensuring valuable time is allocated for interviewing only the most likely suitable candidates for the position.

  1. Job interview scheduling

Managing recruitment schedules is made easier and more convenient for both recruiter and candidate with the use of automated scheduling tools.

For example, recruiters invite candidates to book a convenient interview time slot on the interactive calendar, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth calls or emails. This way, recruiters speed up the scheduling and have more time to invest in the final round of interviewing than wasting time with admin matters.

  1. Follow-up engagement

Communication with job applicants, both during and after the recruitment process, is vital in maintaining trust and professionalism. Follow-up engagement via AI technology becomes a valuable tool for recruiters to provide seamless interaction with job seekers.

AI technology can make interactions happen via instant updates and feedback on the different stages in the hiring process – yes, even when the candidate has not been successful. For example, automatic replies can go a long way in encouraging candidates to keep in touch for future opportunities.

In conclusion, AI automation can benefit both recruiter and candidate, by increasing hiring accuracy and saving substantial admin time and labour.

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