5 Most Sought-After Career Skills You Need to Know About


Want to know what skills are in demand, globally? Then look no further than LinkedIn’s annual shortlisted high demand skills, based on data from more than 660 million professionals and over 20 million job listings. The 2020 results may surprise you.

  1. Data analysis – Blockchain

Companies worldwide cannot underestimate the role of data analysts in simplifying and optimising business processes. There is no doubt that data analyst skills continue to be in the highest demand.

This year’s focus, according to LinkedIn research, has been on blockchain specialisation. It turns out developing blockchain-based identity applications or cryptocurrency technologies can lead to a fast-growing, exciting career.

  1. Cloud computing

Virtually every company is considering the shift from on-premise software and in-house network administration to cloud technology and outsourced IT management.

Cloud computing remains a valuable skill to have in the tech landscape, one you can bank on for years to come (and second in the LinkedIn skills pool). Being a certified cloud practitioner (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure etc.) can place you quickly on the map to career success.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Building on much-needed analytics skills, AI has become imperative in many data-driven industries. AI specialists still represent a limited but growing talent pool and building artificial models among the most coveted and high-paid tech careers. LinkedIn lists AI as the 4th most popular skill this year, right below analytical reasoning.

  1. UX design

User experience (UX) design is becoming all the rage in application and software development. Topping sought-after hard coding skills like HTML5 or Java, UX design deals with the way users interact with an app or web interface. The goal is to optimise and simplify the experience to the users’ benefit. Upskilling to UX design is not a bad idea, after all – in fact, it’s a very rewarding and profitable career choice.

  1. Business analysis

Understanding and working with data means to future-proof your career expectations in a wide variety of industries. Business analytics roles are fast-growing, supported by machine learning and artificial intelligence modelling in analysing data patterns.

The truth is that high-valued business analysts thrive foremost on business statistics and data interpretation for decision-making purposes, incorporating both technological and analytical skills.

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