Career Options in a Post-Covid-19 World


The coronavirus pandemic left a lasting mark on the future of work and career trends worldwide. Recruiters and HR managers need to rethink the employee hiring process, while job seekers have to look towards new opportunities or industries.

So, what are your options post-Covid?

Remote working roles

Remote working is becoming more entrenched in the organisational culture. According to a Gartner poll, 48% of employees are likely to work remotely after COVID-19, compared to 30% before the pandemic.

This is good news if you are actively seeking a role in a work-from-home capacity, as part of a remote team, or need a more flexible schedule. The key is to favour industries that rely on digital collaboration and are safe from restrictive pandemic measurements.

For example, technology, online learning or digital media and entertainment sectors are more likely to actively recruit long-term than companies in hospitality and tourism.

New critical and transferable skills

Recruiters tell job seekers to be open to new industries and opportunities and continue their career development despite the pandemic’s widespread effects: lockdown, social distancing, and massive job losses.

Video interviews over Zoom and Skype are trending, and employees working from home can network online safely from the comfort of their homes. It’s a great idea to continue engaging in industry networks to land those work opportunities.

Instead of preparing for a specific role (similar to your last job), build up critical skills to open up multiple opportunities. As more employers look for transferable skills when hiring, now is the best time to advance your competencies, learn new technologies or take up online classes.

Flexibility of choice

If you are employed but looking forward to changing jobs, you will need to become more adaptable in your job searching and adapt to the post-pandemic job market. Think digital economy, technology, essential services, healthcare.

However, as a job candidate, new skills can afford you the option to look for roles that interest you rather than follow your past resume trail. Do research the local job market and the opportunities, but don’t limit yourself. You may be in line for a global position in the digital market, or finally apply for that coveted job that affords you the flexibility you need.

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