Common Reasons for Miscommunication at Work

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What is Miscommunication one would ask?

According to Marketing 91, miscommunication is the failure to communicate adequately or not being able to express ideas or thoughts correctly. It is among many communication barriers. A miscommunicated message or word is wrongly perceived by the listeners, as they cannot interpret the actual meaning of the speaker.

As many prolific entrepreneurs and professionals have highlighted, constructive workplace communication is the foundation of any company’s success and growth. Miscommunication happens when there are discrepancies between what is said and what is understood during a dialogue.

Below are the common reasons which lead to miscommunication in the work environment:

  • Different communication styles.
  • Making hasty assumptions.
  • Falling short of active listening.
  • Loss of employee productivity and motivation.
  • Absence of leadership.
  • Poor medium of internal communication.

The most frequently cited cause of professional miscommunication, which was corroborated by 42% of respondents, was different communication styles, which can be generational as well as functional differences in communication preferences.

Effective communication is essential at work as it not only generates stronger interpersonal relationships but also impacts on the business’s overall productivity. From avoiding missed deadlines, project mess-ups and wasted resources, to increasing team cohesion, effective communication is the cornerstone of every productive team.

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