Five HR and Hiring Trends to Expect in 2021


The new reality of remote working and online people management continues to influence human resources and recruitment beyond 2020. Here are five trends that will impact the industry this year.

1. Work location independence

Finding key talent in the new COVID-19 era requires companies to be open to new flexible working schedules and location independence. While some companies have allowed their employees to return to office full-time, others have adopted a cautionary remote work policy or a hybrid alternative. A hybrid model supports a mix of on-site work (a minimum requirement for employees, usually two to three days) combined with working-from-home.

2. Permanent remote work policies

HR has a new responsibility to enforce new remote work policies and monitor productivity outside the office. Post-2020, it will not be unusual to hear about permanent remote work policies and stricter working regulations. These will have a significant impact on the way HR monitors and measures employee productivity and engagement.

3. Changes in performance management

With new working schedules becoming commonplace, performance assessment is changing to measure what matters: the quality of the work completed instead of the number of hours done in a working day. HR needs to rethink its core measurements for performance reviews to reflect this change. This means new KPI focus on goal-setting and project results. Meanwhile, recruitment policies can revise job responsibilities and expectations in line with new business requirements.

4. Cloud-based HR technology

HR software helps companies simplify their people management and recruitment process. Post COVID-19, more businesses will rely on cloud-based HR technology to access the functionality and keep in touch with employees from any remote location. Investing in HR technology will become critical to access capabilities such as skills development, virtual hiring, performance assessment and AI-driven HR analytics and reporting.

5. Virtual recruitment

The recruitment process has changed dramatically in the past years, from time-consuming, manual work of assessing individual job application to digital evaluations. Recruiters can now automate candidate assessment and selection in the initial recruitment stages based on historical data, education and hard skills. However, preference will be given to soft skills such as collaboration, adaptability and goal-oriented focus. Interviewing has also moved online, as video interviews replaced in-person meetings. This trend will continue as more recruiters and companies turn to technology to optimise recruitment.

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