How Can Recruiters Benefit from the Pandemic?


Although the Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on most businesses, it also brings distinct advantages to the recruitment industry. Here are our best picks of pandemic-driven advantages for recruiters.

Increase in tech adoption

The impact of pandemic restrictions on everyday business, including recruitment, means that companies are forced to prioritise digital operations and automation faster than ever before. This is good news for recruiters, who can seriously capitalise on the latest tech innovations if they have been reluctant to do so before the crisis. 

Since the beginning of 2020, video conferencing and virtual interviews have replaced face-to-face meetings to become the new norm in recruiting. The winners are the companies who incorporate virtual aspects in recruitment, saving time and money when hiring.

Changes in employee benefits

As companies adhere to social distancing protocols, demand grows for flexible, shift-based  work or work-from-home schedules. Finally, employee benefits are perceived beyond the physical office limitations and its related incentives (flexible hours trump the corner office).

Job applicants are looking for an adaptable place of work with transparent company culture and good reputation. Consequently, recruiters have adapted the hiring process to focus on the importance of company values as criteria to identify the best candidate fit for the job. A great match that takes into account the new shift in candidate behaviour can only benefit both job applicant and employer.

Extensive talent pool

With Covid-19 breaking physical barriers, forcing digital operations,  the recruiters’ talent acquisition process is no longer limited by geographical locations. The good news for recruiters is that they can leverage a much bigger talent pool to source the ideal candidate, irrespective of physical constraints.

Careers based on online work, such as digital marketing and online sales, are gaining momentum. Regional jobs and global roles are easily facilitated through online or remote work. Meanwhile, candidates are also more willing to apply for part-time or contract work.

New job markets

Lockdown has seriously altered daily work patterns but has also triggered a significant career rethinking moment in professionals – whether they are still in their current job, retrenched or actively hunting for the next opportunity.

Demand has shifted for various industries and careers. While the hospitality sector, for example, suffered major losses, the more adaptable technology industry keeps on attracting talent. Therefore, recruiters can focus on highly profitable industries to attract top talent and fulfil employers’ future workforce requirements.

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Professional Sourcing has a strong reputation for highly developed recruitment expertise within our specialisation areas. We develop strong long-term relationships with our loyal clients. Allow us to help you deal with your frustrations of a lengthy hiring process.

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