How did COVID-19 impact the Pharmaceutical industry?


The pharmaceutical sector is responsible for the research, development and distribution of pharmaceutical drugs. The industry is continually growing, with the global market having grossed $1.2 trillion in 2018 and estimated to reach $1.43 trillion in 2020. The pharmaceutical industry has experienced both long and short term changes as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing job opportunities within the sector.

Globally, the pharmaceutical sector is one of the largest and most profitable sectors, requiring high-quality and high-skilled employees. Companies are required to meet national health standards and global technological developments; likewise, their workforce must do the same. Working with a reputable recruitment agency that is known for their experience in the pharmaceutical sector has become the leading way to find employees that will meet industry standards.  

Pharmaceutical companies have taken centre stage during the Covid-19 pandemic; showing a positive increase on the stock market and a burst in employment opportunities where other industries have experienced serve loss. With the sudden spurt in employment opportunities, it is critical to match the right candidate to a job listing. Partnering with an industry specialist gives you access to the dedicated recruitment resources needed to meet the increasing demand for employees whilst simultaneously reaching the best candidates.

The South African unemployment rate climbed to 30.1% in June 2020 and is expected to escalate should retrenchments continue. Inversely, pharmaceutical companies continue to grow, with more jobs becoming available in the sector. Passive talent may be seeking security during this time, and reaching them will require a strong reputation, professional network and knowledge of their ideal incentives.  

Pharmaceutical employment is on the rise with the exponential growth of the industry. Choosing to work with an industry specialist provides you with the best available candidates to grow your company in conjunction with the national and global increase in the market.

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Professional Sourcing has a strong reputation for highly developed recruitment expertise within our specialisation areas. We develop strong long-term relationships with our loyal clients. Allow us to help you deal with your frustrations of a lengthy hiring process.

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