How to improve your employees’ well-being at work


This is the final blog of the ‘Employee well-being’ blog series. The first blog ‘The importance of employee well-being at work’ focused on why employee well-being at work is an important focus. In this blog, the focus will be on initiatives that can be implemented to improve employee well-being within the working environment.

Implementing employee well-being initiatives does not need to be costly; it just needs to be effective. By implementing employee well-being initiatives, employees will see that the company does care about them, which in turn will translate into a more productive and loyal workforce.

Here are just a few ways you can help to improve the well-being of your employees:

Flexible work hours

Employee well-being is about the overall quality of life of a person. Therefore companies need to remember that work is not an employees entire life; they have friends, family and hobbies. All of which requires time and energy. However, it is often the case where work responsibilities can get in the way of these more social aspects of our lives, and as a result, our well-being can be negatively affected.

By implementing flexible working hours, employees will be empowered to alter their work habits to fit their social needs which helps to cultivate a more healthy work-life balance. It also shows your employees that you trust them. If employees can work at their own pace while still making deadlines and delivering results, it makes them feel more like partners meaning they will be more willing to work hard for the company.

Introduce walk meetings

Get away from all the stuffy conference rooms and get some exercise while you work. Walking meetings are a great way to get your employees of their chairs and to add a little exercise to their day. Not only will this help get their blood flowing, but it will also give them a change of scenery which can help enhance creativity and give them a renewed sense of motivation.

These walking meetings can, therefore, create a space where new and creative ideas can come together, which is extremely beneficial for the company. Many business guru’s such as Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and even Aristotle swore by walking meetings.

Encourage workplace friendships

We all know that every situation is made better when our friends are around us. Therefore it is important to encourage workplace friendships as it can improve productivity as well as overall happiness when coming to work. By having people you can rely on for friendship, employees can be assured that even on difficult days, there will be people there to back them up.

Research by Ohio State University has proved that when working in a team, friends outperform strangers. This is because friends can coordinate tasks more effectively as they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Show trust

One of the most effective ways to show that you trust employees is to offer unlimited leave days. Don’t worry; you’re not going crazy; you read that correctly. Before you dismiss this initiative, you need to understand what is meant by unlimited leave days. It does not mean employees can be paid while they travel for half the year. Unlimited leave days is directly connected to results. Therefore it is stipulated that as long as deadlines and goals are met, and results are delivered, you are free to take as much leave as you want.

This is a tried and tested initiatives with positive results as it is centred around results; therefore, motivating your employees to work hard and therefore be rewarded. By putting this initiative in place, you are showing your employees that you trust them to do the right thing for the company and their team.

Have impromptu fun activities

Have impromptu dance competitions or team challenges every now and then. This adds a bit of excitement to the workday and gives employees time to relax and not focus on their work. By taking these impromptu breaks to have fun, people will return to their work feeling invigorated and more motivated. They will also have increased endorphins levels meaning that they will return to work feeling happier, allowing them to work more efficiently and think in more creative ways.

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