Identity Governance Technology


What is Identity Governance?

Sometimes referred to as Identity Governance and Administration – is a keystone of Identity and Access Management (IAM) which allows enterprises to continuously observe, oversee, and administer access rights to a constantly evolving set of resources that live across cloud and hybrid environments. An IGA solution provides administrators with a 360-degree outlook of its IAM.

IGA ultimately provides visibility across various IT systems and applications by managing access across the world’s increasingly complex landscape.

The Identity Governance and Administration Market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.2% during the forecast period (2021-2026). The rapidly growing globalization has led to increased complexity in operations. Digital identity has become crucial for enforcing access controls. As a result, IGA has become a significant priority for the modern enterprise.

Businesses need to ensure that their access is fully secure without the occurrence of a disruption in business operations. It works to ensure that individuals have the necessary access which they require, when they require it, and for the right reasons – and only for the time they need it.

Giving full access to every user in your organization would be a disaster as you cannot have IT systems with highly sensitive information available to everyone. To keep an organization safe, users need to have an appropriate level of access to carry out their tasks – no more, no less.

What Functionality do IGA Solutions Provide?

  • Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Access Requests and Reviews
  • Role, Policy, and Entitlements Management
  • Identity Security Breach Prevention
  • Access Governance
  • Connectivity
  • Audit, Compliance, and Reporting

 Identity Governance Is the New Perimeter!

It has become a strategic tool which assists companies with a secure foundation and functionality reducing costs, improving security, and managing identity lifecycle processes.

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