Managing Employees’ Time Efficiently

Managing and retaining talent is the cornerstone of human resources strategies in any organisation. But there is another operationally focused component that can make a huge impact on the bottom line: time management.

Managing employees’ time in the workplace can significantly impact business profitability. The process doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does require active investment in effective time management solutions.

In an article published in HR future magazine, HR industry specialist at NGA Africa Rob Bothma advocates for the use of technology to effectively manage your human resources and to address time management issues.

Below are a few steps he recommends for organisations to implement to manage their employees’ time better.

  1. Capture and Access Accurate Time Data

The first step in this process is to have accurate data on the overall time schedules worked by employees, and preferably the time consumed for every activity and responsibility included in the work.

Time recording facilitates accurate job costing that will make the identification of abnormally high-cost processes and inefficient operations much easier to identify. This exercise alone can save the company significant costs and hassles.

Furthermore, management needs to access relevant time data whenever needed with ease. Making this information easy to access and share with all relevant parties, for example by storing the data in the cloud, is a great choice.

  1. Automate and Streamline Operations

Automation removes inefficient manual time and labour processes where possible. It saves significant time and resources for businesses that still rely on manually capturing time records – or any other vital information for that matter.

Automation and streamlining also contribute to better information accuracy and speed throughout the organisation.

  1. Install Biometric Technologies

Biometric technologies have become commonplace in organisations to identify individuals at the point of entry with maximum accuracy. The biggest benefit of biometric technology is fraud and security risks elimination, but the time management gains are substantial.

Biometrics successfully assist in managing the flow and access of staff inside organisations, making sure employees are present at all times where management needs them.

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