Most In-demand Industries and Jobs in Covid-19 South Africa


The year 2020 has seen local recruitment battling the fallouts of Covid-19 pandemic, GDP contraction and rising unemployment (up to 30,8% according to Stats SA). Still, opportunities abound for skilled job seekers.

We look at the critical changes in this year’s most coveted roles in various industries, based on the latest hiring guide published by specialist recruitment firm Michael Page.

Finance and accounting

Despite the practice of outsourcing financial skills abroad due to local staff and skills shortages, companies are actively advertising roles in commercial finance, tax and accounting. The Covid-19 pandemic has produced a significant shift to multi-roles financial jobs (a combination of financial skills) as businesses moved from larger to smaller teams. Career seekers are encouraged to take a multi-disciplinary approach in high finance roles.

Engineering and manufacturing

This sector is usually extremely competitive with limited pools of local talent due to the need for skills qualifications, training and certification. While Covid-19 has not made it easier for applicants, companies report increased demand for operations, manufacturing and project management roles.

Procurement and supply chain

Not surprisingly, many local businesses had to reduce budgets in the supply chain industry and reduce full-time staff, as business activity contracted. If you have industry expertise in the supply chain, procurement and logistics management, consider applying for contract and temp positions while the market regains its pre-Covid 19 strength.

Human resources and recruitment

The recruitment sector itself has been going through significant staff challenges to maintain operations. Companies are more willing to hire multi-disciplinary HR personnel to replace larger HR teams, all due to staff shortages and budget constraints. The COVID-19 impact also changed the expectations of the HR manager, HR officer or payroll job candidate – particularly for flexible work environments.

Marketing and sale

Most notably, digital marketing and e-commerce roles are on the increase, as the current health crisis pushes companies to advance their digital transformation and pursue more flexible digital business models. Also, technical sales and regional sales experience have become advantageous in a predominantly sub-skilled market. If you are seeking a high-stakes digital role, think upskilling and digital certification first for competitive advantage.


Here is an industry in high demand during the pandemic, thanks to organisational strategy shifts to cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Despite a severe lack of STEM skills needed to fast-track recruitment in this industry, the most in-demand tech careers refer to data analysts, cybersecurity officers, and robotics and process automation jobs. In conclusion, if you’re among tech sector applicants, developing future-proof skills can help you succeed in the post-Covid 19 local market

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