Professions Offering Highest Increases vs Lowest Increases

June Blog 1 2023 – 2

Each individual wants to pursue a career in a field they’re excited about. And one that’s going to provide lucrative opportunities and a satisfactory salary —not just right now but for years (or decades!) to come—and that means choosing a high-paying job that’s in demand today and will continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future.

Salaries will depend on your level of experience, as well as your specialty and where in the country you’re employed. The professions that top the list of high-paying jobs in demand with the highest increases are a mix of healthcare, finance, and technology.

Professions Offering the Highest Increases:

  • Medical Professionals. The pandemic has affected the salaries of the medical fraternity. There is a surging demand for better health facilities, and qualified professionals, and not enough growth in the supply. This drives the rise in salaries of medical professionals such as Cardiologists, Orthodontists, and Neurologists.
  • Computer Systems Analyst. Even back in the 2013 Jobs Rated Report, Computer Systems Analyst was one of the highest salary growth positions compared to 2017. That’s proved to be true and is still expected to hold with a wage growth rate of 57.9% in 2023.
  • Financial Managers. They create financial reports, control investments, and develop plans to help companies or customers achieve their financial goals, with a job growth rate of 17.3%.

Professions Offering the Lowest Increases: Lowest earning professionals include those in switchboard & reception, dispatch & receiving, admin, telesales, debt collection, insurance broker and artisanal roles.

Some jobs offer higher salary increases than others because of the demand of the job, location of the job, industry, level of education, and experience required for the job.

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