The Jobs Sector in 2020: What are the Forecasts for South Africa?


2019 has been a busy and sometimes difficult year for South Africa; elections, protests, problems with Eskom, an ongoing crisis at SAA and so much more.  These setbacks have attracted alarm from jobseekers, investors and business and while they are worrisome, they are fortunately not the whole story. South Africa has also seen economic rebounds, state entities under new leadership, strong recoveries from sectors like mining, growth in private consumption expenditure and more. Read on for a few insights into jobs and the overall economy for 2019, going into 2020.

In a recent report by the South African government, it was reported that the formal job sector has seen a decrease in employment in the second quarter of 2019. Full-time employment reportedly decreased by 26 000 and part-time employment increased by 24 000. This decrease has been ascribed to decreases in manufacturing, business services, electricity, construction and trade.

Some experts have predicted a rosier outlook for 2020 however, with expectations of accelerated growth as electricity cuts and constraints are potentially lifted.  Analysts are currently placing growth at a predicted 1.3% in 2020, and 1.7% in 2021. The decreases in jobs over the second quarter of 2019 are very alarming, however, total employment still increased year-on-year, between June 2018 and June 2019, with an increase of 1,4%. Certain sectors and performing better than others, and are showing the potential for growth.

These are some of the jobs and sectors that are forecasted to be in high demand in 2020:

  1. Project managers
  2. Application development manager
  3. Information technology manager
  4. Applications programmer
  5. Software developer
  6. ICT risk specialist
  7. Commercial project manager
  8. Engineering
  9. Recruitment
  10. Consultants

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