The Most Valuable Job Skills for the Future


How has your job changed over the past 20 years? Did your current position exist two decades ago?

Modern workplaces are changing, and the jobs and skills in demand are undergoing dramatic changes. For most employees, skill rejuvenation is something they mainly consider in the middle of their careers but the changes coming to the job sector may encourage all workers to reassess and update their skillset.

The fourth industrial revolution is set to herald in a new era of employment and skills training. New developments are changing how companies do business, manufacturers produce goods, and so much more. Experts have predicted that by 2025, we will lose around 5 million jobs to automation. It’s not all negative, however, as the changes will also bring in a wide range of new jobs and career fields.  Experts will agree that although there will be some job loss due to automation and artificial intelligence, human skills will never become completely redundant.

Why are we experiencing change?

The current changes can be ascribed to a number of factors, the most important being technology and the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. The main advantage of the fourth industrial revolution is that the world is more interconnected than ever before, enabling us to work remotely and connect with workers from around the world with ease.

5 skills that will help you thrive during the fourth industrial revolution

  1. Creativity
  2. Tech savviness
  3. Analytical thinking
  4. Interdisciplinary knowledge
  5. Data literacy

The Role of Employers

Smart employers can reap the rewards of technology while still protecting and managing their most critical asset- their employees. Employers can address the skills gap and the challenges of the 4th Industrial revolution with a mix of strategies, including implementing continuous education programs and up-to-date training for employees and by supporting education opportunities and recruiting young graduates.

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