The Workplace Trends to Focus On In 2021


Over the past year, HR professionals had a front seat to the workplace disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic: economic recession, massive job loss, and the prevalence of out-of-office work. Here are three workplace trends that will continue throughout 2021.

  1. Remote work

There are still some hiccups HR management needs to go through in leading remote teams and managing flexible work patterns for employees. However, remote working – the major trend emerging in the workplace this year – is still going to be an option for employees beyond 2020, at least occasionally if not primarily in some organisations.

For this to work, HR has to instil a sense of performance, self-leadership and individual accountability within the company culture, as well as provide the necessary training and technology tools that enable effortless team management and collaboration.

  1. Employee wellbeing

The wellbeing of employees in the workplace became the hottest HR talk in the past years, and the coronavirus virus threat only accentuated the importance of health and safety in the working environment.

The latest trend indicates a more holistic view of employee wellness centred on flexible schedule arrangements, childcare, physical wellbeing and mental health.

For companies who kept their offices open, a significant challenge is to maintain connection and safety in the office by rethinking health regulations, working spaces and meeting protocols.

  1. Diversity and inclusion

If there is anything to be learned from the recent gender and racial equality campaigning globally, is that promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is a must. So much that many organisations have created specifics compliance-based positions to ensure workplace inclusion and prevent discrimination at work.

The trend of increasing diversity and fostering development across gender and racial barriers is pushing more and more companies to reconsider their recruitment, training, collaboration and compensation practices.

As the workplace, remote or otherwise, becomes more diverse, it remains in both the management’s and its employees’ responsibilities to keep it that way.

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