What is Culture Fit and Why Does it Matter in Recruitment?


As employee turnover proves costly for most businesses, an in-depth hiring process that looks at shared values in the workplace may be the solution to happier and more productive employees. Here is why recruitment should consider a company’s culture fit.

Company culture is now considered an integral part of retaining great employees and plays a vital role in hiring new candidates aligned with the organisational environment. In short, company culture refers to the beliefs, values, behaviours and experiences that compose a specific business environment, beyond the physical aspects of the workplace.

When you hire, the new employee joins the already created company culture (either by default or conscious exercise). The fit within the company culture becomes important if the employee is to align with the business’s vision and goals.

In a nutshell, if a candidate fails to align with the environment and its culture, however skilled, he or she will not be the best fit for the company. This is why the recruitment process becomes critical in selecting candidates most suitable for a specific environment, providing that the business culture is clearly defined!

Once the company culture has been defined, every action, strategy or communication should ideally support it, including the hiring process, the candidate selection and the performance review systems. Recruitment should be done preferably with the company culture in mind from the start, not as an after-thought.

Hiring employees that are unsuited for your company culture can lead to decreased job satisfaction and work quality, and possibly a toxic environment and costly staff turnover. Employees hired to fit well within the company culture are more likely to support the business’s vision and remain within the organisation for a longer time.

Working with a recruitment agency can generally save a lot of hiring stress, time and financial resources. But it can also give you, the employer, the assurance that the chosen candidate is a great match within the company itself, and a great fit within its culture.

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