What Makes the Recruitment Process Effective

Recruitment Process 1

The first step towards building an organization’s human capital is recruitment.

The recruitment process aims to a) Hire the best candidates and b) Reduce the time it takes to hire with a minimal budget.

It includes all the steps which are essential to attracting selecting and hiring new employees. A refined selection process enables an organisation to find qualified candidates quickly and efficiently which then ensures a pleasant experience for both the recruitment team and the candidates.

An effective recruitment and selection process needs to be executed with care and dedication.

Both internal hiring and external hiring have different recruitment processes and depend largely on what size company you own and what your industry is.

One Key Element Which Results in a Systematic Affair is: Automation.

Applicant tracking systems enable recruitment teams to manage various stages in the recruitment process. They save a significant amount of time and energy from completing repetitive tasks, and instead direct their energy towards nurturing relationships with potential hires.

The cost of not automating results leads to 41% less productivity, 35% higher costs, and 17% poor candidate experience.

A recent topic of discussion is “Is HR ready for the AI Revolution? A study by peopleHum revealed that AI can greatly enhance talent acquisition and retention by 91%.

Benefits of an Effective ATS (Application Tracking System):

  • Automates administrative parts of the hiring process.
  • Makes it easier for hiring teams to exchange feedback and keep track of the process.
  • Helps you find qualified candidates via job posting, sourcing, or setting up referral programs.
  • Let’s you build and follow annual hiring plans.
  • Helps you maintain a searchable candidate database.
  • Generates recruitment reports on various key metrics.
  • Helps you export/import and migrate data easily.

When looking for a new system, be sure to ask how each vendor makes each of these benefits possible.

Organisations have come a long way from filing cabinets and using gut feeling in hiring. The recruitment process requires intentional planning and constant evaluation.

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