How to Succeed in Hiring Employees Online


In light of the ongoing pandemic threat, companies have to conduct new hirings primarily online. For businesses that want to get to the bottom of digital hiring without the hassle, recruitment specialists at Professional Sourcing can assist with all the necessary steps to source and place candidates.

Conducting online interviews

It’s a no-brainer: video interviews and digital communications are time-savers and cost-effective compared to in-person meetings. Video calls are popular thanks to video and conferencing software like Zoom or Skype.

However, the sheer scale of the candidate selection and interviewing process can mean multiple daily screenings, online meetings and follow-up conversations with the more suitable candidates in between other business engagements (more Zoom sessions). Overall, it can become exhausting.

Companies can still save on substantial time, staff, and associated costs by outsourcing the hiring process, partially or entirely, to recruiters with relevant expertise. Professional Sourcing has built decades of recruitment expertise, especially for executive roles that often require a much stricter screening process.

Engaging clients via chat and social media

Sourcing relevant candidates for the job is happening across all digital platforms where the potential employees are likely to spend their time, for example, on social media channels.

Also, modern recruiters often use chat and direct messaging options to familiarise the attendants with available positions for hiring and specific job requirements instead of waiting for them to do the first step and apply for a position. Professional Sourcing engages with candidates on your company’s behalf via the most relevant platforms.

Following-up on conversations

A business needs to keep in touch and follow-up on initial conversations to move forward with the recruitment process. Searching for the best talent is an ongoing process, including recurring engagement and feedback, which is why having the expertise of an agency like Professional Sourcing helps.

Following-up is also essential in building a robust database of job prospects. When meeting candidates, professionals are more likely to gauge suitability against current and future roles and not just filling immediate jobs. For example, a candidate who may not suit a current managerial position may get flagged for a lesser administrative role.

Professional Sourcing develops long-term relationships with its clients to understand their hiring needs and recommend future talent based on its requirements.

Using metrics to track hiring success

Hiring specialists help businesses better understand and prepare their digital recruitment strategy. The rise of industry-specific software and apps, for example, means that recruiters are better equipped to measure and report on the success of their recruitment campaigns.

Implementing key metrics, tracking progress, and using feedback from candidates and companies can improve future results, ensuring overall success. Professional Sourcing oversees the entire recruitment process, from sourcing and identifying candidates to final interviewing stages and handover, reporting every step of the way.

Professional Sourcing can assist with the recruitment process during and after the pandemic. Visit for more info.

Professional Sourcing can assist with the recruitment process during and after the pandemic. Our team has a strong reputation for recruitment expertise within our specialisation areas. Visit for more info.

Professional Sourcing has a strong reputation for highly developed recruitment expertise within our specialisation areas. We develop strong long-term relationships with our loyal clients. Allow us to help you deal with your frustrations of a lengthy hiring process.

Professional Sourcing is a top-tier South African-based recruitment agency operating internationally, IPM accredited, LEVEL 2 BEE RATED and 51% Black Owned.

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