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Open-plan Offices: Not Such…

Open-plan Offices: Not Such a Good Idea? Although open-plan workspaces are becoming a norm for most South Africans companies, a recent CareerJunction survey found out that office workers are more likely to prefer closed or sectioned-off spaces to avoid stress triggers, interruptions and background noises. More than 70% of the 2000 surveyed workers who use open-plan desks in their companies are uncertain or ambivalent about the benefits of the open-plan working space, believing it causes more harm and stress than good in the workplace. Focus and privacy before collaboration Although open-plan offices are intended to increase collaboration among workers, most South Africans interviewed prefer to get their work done in peace, away from distractions and interruptions, and seem to value privacy more than open interaction. Over two-thirds of office workers who participated in the survey admitted that they struggle to focus on their work tasks, while 60% mentioned they do not have any option to work in private and undisturbed by colleagues aside from the open desk. As a result, an overwhelming number of workers chose to wear headphones to cancel out the background noise, and only approach other colleagues if urgent or necessary. Three-quarters of respondents admitted they wouldn’t bother colleagues in emails or instant messages unnecessarily. Conflict management and office politics The open-plan work desk situation amplifies major irritating factors in the office, such as personal phone calls,..

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How Leaders Manage Workplace…

In the working world, disputes and differences between employees are inevitable and managing this conflict often falls to the office managers or employer. Conflict resolution is an important skill that all managers should master and which can mean the difference between a productive and healthy workspace, or one that is disrupted by poor teamwork and negative interactions.  If left unresolved, this conflict can destroy morale, disrupt your productivity and potentially lead to high turnover. If you’re in charge at your workplace, it’s critical that you understand and know how to manage these issues- whether petty squabbles or serious disputes, it’s vital that you manage and control the issue at hand.  Here are 5 top tips to manage conflict in any workplace: Let people tell their side of the story This may sometimes seem counterproductive, but it’s important to let people get their story out and voice their concerns. Allowing people to speak their mind might lead to increased conflict, but it will allow you to understand their mindset, the issue at hand and how to turn it around to ensure a peaceful resolution. Understand boundaries Conflict can easily get out of hand if you don’t know the boundaries and limitations of your employees. It’s vital to understand how your employees work, what they respond to and how they deal with conflict. Respect differences People are different, and every employee will..

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