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The Secret to Retain…

The Secret to Retain Employees? Build a Great Place to Work Smart companies make employee retention a high priority to attract and retain talent. In our previous blogs, we have shown that employee retention goes beyond cool office perks. So what lies behind nurturing a work environment that helps hire and retain the best people in business? When companies receive the ‘great place to work’ labelling, it is because they do their best to include their employees’ needs and invest in these important principles: Responsibility An employee’s responsibility is one of the best drivers for organisational success. Employees who feel a direct link to company performance will be better motivated to produce high-quality work and seek opportunities to go the extra mile. Define clear responsibilities and requirements for each employee role and allow your people to see the lasting impact their role has on the organisation. Use career milestones and concrete metrics to help employees work towards greater success. Flexibility Employees value flexibility in the workplace and the opportunities offered by the company to take time off and unplug from their daily work routine. Work-life balance is important for employees to recharge and become more productive when returning to work. Provide flexible work arrangements such as work from home, flexible work hours, and generous holidays and vacation time. In return, employees will respond by being more energetic and productive at..

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What is the 4th…

It’s the new term that’s been dominating industry talks and circulating across various media. But what is the 4th Industrial revolution and what will it mean for the job-sphere? What is the 4th Industrial Revolution? The 4th Industrial revolution refers to the current & developing environment in which new technologies and trends are changing the way people live and work. Developments like the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are all to play a part in the changes that are being wrought. What does this mean for jobs? The prospect of a future in which robots and computer systems can perform many human tasks is one which is concerning to many- but this new era may also bring in many exciting new developments for employees. These new technological developments – like AI and automation- will require people to adapt to them and learn how to enhance the existing processes with the new technology. Jobs that require a high level of physical work or repetitive tasks are more at risk of being affected. Industries reliant on human characteristics are harder to replace and will be less affected, as skills like creativity and empathy are harder to replicate through machines. These skills and several others are likely to become more in demand and more appreciated. The most significant change will likely be the birth of new..

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