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Career paths with the…

Career paths with the best opportunities Choosing which career to pursue can be a challenging and exhaustive task. One needs to consider your aptitudes, knowledge and interests. Beyond that, it’s important to understand the financial realities and the future demand needs of the industry that you are considering. Before delving into a trade, it’s worthwhile to take the time to assess whether your future job sector is stable and sustainable in the long term. In the South African careers industry, the following career paths demonstrate the best projections for stability and growth opportunities, while also displaying high demand currently The medical field The field of medicine is fast growing and vast. Growing technology is changing the way that the medical field operates and is improving various facets of this field. Jobs in the medical sector are not necessarily restricted to those of a traditional doctor- there are many other sectors in the health industry, including medical engineers, technical specialists, medical device sales, radiology, physiotherapy, dietetics, occupational therapy and nursing. Technology sector With fast-paced growth and incredible innovations, technology is an exciting and promising field. As the field is continuously growing, the industry regularly generates new opportunities. This field is also suitable for freelance work, and currently offers positions for employees in information technology, robotics, smart factories, connected supply chain, web development, app development, and desktop support. Marketing and sales The..

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Employee Time Management: How…

There just aren’t enough hours in a day… Sound familiar? For any modern working person, this popular saying will likely ring true: managing your time has is a notable challenge that most employees will struggle with during the course of their careers – it is not, however, a challenge that they need to tackle alone. Management, HR and managers can play a pivotal role in alleviating time-related problems and ensuring that employees can effectively utilise their time and talents. Here are five steps you can take to help employees who are struggling with time management. Uncover the source of the problem (and try to find a solution!) If your workforce is experiencing a significant time management issue, there is likely an underlying problem causing the issue. It might be that noisy distractions are causing a nuisance, office space is cramped making distractions frequent, workplace changes are causing job uncertainty or various other issues. If possible, try and resolve the problem. Set clear expectations and timelines Employees need to have a clear understanding of work priorities and deadlines. Unclear timelines can lead to employees procrastinating and putting off important tasks. Significant deadlines need to be communicated and all employees need to understand which tasks take precedence over others. Teach new techniques and implement changes Time management training and techniques can assist employees in knowing how to manage their time more effectively..

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