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Choosing which career to pursue can be a challenging and exhaustive task. One needs to consider your aptitudes, knowledge and interests. Beyond that, it’s important to understand the financial realities and the future demand needs of the industry that you are considering. Before delving into a trade, it’s worthwhile to take the time to assess whether your future job sector is stable and sustainable in the long term. In the South African careers industry, the following career paths demonstrate the best projections for stability and growth opportunities, while also displaying high demand currently

The medical field

The field of medicine is fast growing and vast. Growing technology is changing the way that the medical field operates and is improving various facets of this field. Jobs in the medical sector are not necessarily restricted to those of a traditional doctor- there are many other sectors in the health industry, including medical engineers, technical specialists, medical device sales, radiology, physiotherapy, dietetics, occupational therapy and nursing.

Technology sector

With fast-paced growth and incredible innovations, technology is an exciting and promising field. As the field is continuously growing, the industry regularly generates new opportunities. This field is also suitable for freelance work, and currently offers positions for employees in information technology, robotics, smart factories, connected supply chain, web development, app development, and desktop support.

Marketing and sales

The marketing and sales sector is a dependable industry, as companies will always need to sell their wares. The industry is continually expanding and changing to keep up with current trends and technological developments. Good marketing is vital to sales, and companies will continue to develop their marketing strategies to remain competitive. Marketing and sales jobs include that of salespeople, digital marketers, copywriters, SEO analysts and social media marketers.

These three fields offer prospective employee’s dynamic opportunities and potential for growth. The employment trends in South Africa seem on par with the global trends, with one report identifying five categories with the highest convergence of high-opportunity jobs. These categories were, in order of the quantity of opportunity job postings; architecture and engineering, business and financial operations, computer and mathematical, management, and in the top spot; healthcare.

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