3 Effective Talent Retention Strategies

Hiring good people in your organisation is one part of the job; the other, perhaps even more important, is keeping them actively engaged and working for you. It is why employee retention strategies are vital to the success of your business.

Use the following best practices to build strong employee relationships and retain your top talent.

  1. Invest in Relationship Training from the Top

Employee relationship strategies focus on how employers treat people and how they behave with each other. Start developing effective relationships from the top level of the organisation, right down to the bottom.

People work for and report to their supervisors. Therefore it makes sense for managers and senior staff to have the knowledge and training necessary to work effectively with people on an individual level, as well as with subordinate teams.

The manager-employee relationship can be the key to retain employees in your organisation, as most people want to have a good relationship with their supervisor.

  1. Talk to Your Employees

Sometimes the best strategy to retaining employees working for you is to have an honest discussion with them. Start asking questions and listen to what they say, then act on the findings at your discretion.

Ask WHY your employees work for you to get a better understanding of what attracts people to your company, and to positively reinforce their working goals.

Use this information – why people work for you – next time when you recruit new employees as a powerful testimonial.

Use the talk opportunity to ask employees what you can do to make things better in the workplace. Listen closely to their suggestions and continuously work towards improving working conditions and various aspects of your business.

  1. Give Recognition When Is Due

Ensure that celebrating successes and rewarding employees for their initiatives are regular happenings in your organisation. There are various ways to enforce positive working behaviour, productivity, and initiative.

Celebrate employee longevity, and give recognition strategically and deliberately for outstanding work. Use teambuilding and company events to include rewards and reinforce positive work conduct.

Most employees will factor in work recognition and positive reminders as an important motivational aspect of their work, besides remuneration and other benefits.

Showing your employees that you care and appreciate their efforts on an ongoing basis goes a long way in your employee retention strategy.

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