Top 10 Most and Least Stressful High-Paying Jobs in SA

What makes some careers less stressful than others? Several companies embarked on thorough research to find out how job remuneration compares in relation to the amount of day-to-day stress as the average employee experiences in his chosen profession.

Mental wellness advocate Pharma Dynamics conducted a survey aimed at measuring job-related stress based on several known stress triggers. The online survey, which included almost 2000 local workers, uncovered the most stressful jobs in South Africa and was published by Business Tech.

The work stress triggers and factors included the physical and mental demands of a job, long hours, travel requirements, deadlines, dealing with conflict, exposure to public pressure, and other specific risks associated with a particular profession.

Based on the above, the most high-stress rating jobs that are well-paid in South Africa were listed as:

  1. Pilot
  2. Hair Stylist
  3. Farmer
  4. Film Director
  5. Nurse
  6. Police Officer
  7. Corporate executive
  8. CEO
  9. Doctor
  10. Singer

A top of the highest-paid jobs, but less stressful considering the criteria above, included the following careers:

  1. Chemical Technician
  2. Food scientist
  3. Mathematician
  4. Economist
  5. Statistician
  6. Biomedical engineer
  7. Agricultural engineer
  8. Physicist
  9. Information Systems (IS) manager
  10. Actuary

The salaries used as a benchmark in the research were based on a combination of Payscale, Mywage and StatsSA data.

Globally, The Occupational Information Network (ONE) has also released its findings on the least stressful jobs worldwide. Models, technicians, agriculture workers, couriers, tapers, and sales workers made the list.

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