What Skills Do You Need for a Career in Cybersecurity?

To become an expert in cybersecurity you will need some or all of the following certifications and skills.

There are also other ‘soft skills’ that are required to work in this field.

  • Communication Skills

Cybersecurity professionals must have strong written and verbal communications skills. Jobs in the field require the ability to communicate clearly and concisely.

  • Integrity and Discretion

By its very nature, working in the cybersecurity field requires sensitivity to an organisation’s security vulnerability issues and be able to tackle those issues in a way that engenders trust.

  • Programming Skills

A variety of scripts and programming tools are required to design effective security programs and analyse cyber-attacks and breaches. Experience in system and network programming is a must.

  • Understanding of Security Principles

An understanding of basic security principles, such as privacy, confidentiality, authentication, access control, and others, results in a greater chance that systems will be less vulnerable to failures and attacks.

  • Risk Analysis

Cybersecurity personnel must be able to assess a client’s particular security needs in light of its organisational goals, which requires knowledge of risk analysis principles.

  • Malicious Codes

Additionally, cybersecurity professionals need a working knowledge of malicious codes, how they are propagated and the risks associated with each.

  • Intruder Techniques

In analysing attacks, personnel should be able to recognise known intruder techniques, their characteristics and effects, and identify new intruder techniques using elimination of known ones.

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