5 Effective Employee Retention Strategies To Remain In A Winning Team

Creating a positive working environment within your organisation plays a fundamental role in effective employee retention. To keep excellent work ethic, retain quality colleagues and consistency, consider these 5 retention strategies.

A clear job description

Ensure a clear understanding of what employers want in an employee and what a candidate perceives of his job role make sure this is presented in the job description.

Create a culture of appreciation

Employee recognition goes a long way toward making work meaningful. Assess your current communication tools: Do employees have easy ways to send frequent peer-to-peer recognition? If recognition only happens top-down in an annual performance review, you’re missing out on a major employee retention tool.

Emphasize professional development and learning

Candidates must be aware of the opportunities provided in the field of learning new things and developing skills. This demonstrates potentially what they can offer in long-term and not just what they can do for the company NOW.

Analyse Workspace Culture

Introducing assessments at the time of recruitment could be an apt tool to ensure that employee’s beliefs and behaviours are in alignment with their employer’s core values and company culture.

Make employee autonomy work for you

Schedule recurring, internal events that enable employees to think creatively. Some companies do yearly “hackathons” where staff brainstorms encourage new ideas. Another example: Google’s famous “20%” rule, which encourages employees to spend one-fifth of their time on their own ideas.

Develop loyal leaders internally

You can’t create lifelong employee development overnight, but as a first step, try polling employees or managers internally to gauge interest in things like leadership development or learning reimbursement. Pursuing these types of initiatives can instil loyalty and develop retainable talent among your existing employees.

Give good behaviour special recognition

Identify praiseworthy behaviour you would want within your organization and acknowledge and encourage it.  Include participation at company events and meetings and incentivize these as part of your employee rewards program.

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