Career Paths in Cybersecurity Intelligence

Cybersecurity is evolving rapidly due to the increasingly complex cyber threats and attacks on enterprises and nations worldwide.

Not surprisingly, the domains of cybersecurity intelligence and cybercrime investigation offer lucrative opportunities for professionals already involved in IT security and law enforcement.

Security Analysts – Bachelor of Arts in Cybersecurity Management

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in cybersecurity focuses on the protection of digital information for businesses, consumers, and the government. It combines the technical aspect of cybersecurity with critical thinking and practical skills such as ethics, data management, analytics, basic investigation techniques and forensics.

The most popular careers for BA cybersecurity graduates include information security analysts/managers and network security administrators. The finance, banking, insurance, and defence industries offer the most career opportunities for security analysts.

Forensic Specialist – Bachelor of Arts with Cybersecurity Intelligence

Cybersecurity intelligence covers cyber defence protocols for national security and foreign policy. It is as a highly niched area for cybersecurity experts and analysts invested in protecting financial or government defence systems from dangerous hackers.

Forensic specialists with a cybersecurity background can work alongside law enforcement to lend their specialist knowledge to track and apprehend cyber criminals. They can also provide consulting services for law enforcement agencies.

Cybercrime Expert – Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice with a Cybersecurity Focus

Law enforcement specialists and graduates with interest in criminal justice can adopt a cybercrime focus to apprehend hackers exploiting banking, insurance or defence systems, bringing justice to the victims of cybercrime.

Solving cybercrimes centres on the technology behind the criminal justice element, and requires an understanding of criminal investigation and law, and an appetite for forensic sciences in general, including handling evidence and cross-examination in the court of law.

Forensic and cybercrime specialists need to work for several years in the field of cybersecurity expertise to qualify for a dependable consulting role in law enforcement.

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