Why Cybersecurity Training is Important

Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems including hardware, software and data from cyber attacks. With the interconnectedness of today’s world, this field is becoming ever more important.

A threat analysis done in the US in 2017 revealed that cyber attackers rarely rely on their advanced computer skills but rather on simple human errors by individuals using computer systems.

In a recent Forbes article online, a cybersecurity expert advised that even people who do not work in the IT field but who use computing devices for work purposes should have cybersecurity training so that they understand how minor mistakes or simple oversights can lead to disastrous effects for the company if sensitive information is leaked.

This kind of training can be beneficial for both companies and the individual. Highly specialised cybersecurity experts are crucial for the wellbeing of a company.

If you are thinking about stepping into this field, what are the opportunities available to you? Ensuring cybersecurity requires coordinating information from different systems including, but not limited to:

  • Application security
  • Information security
  • Network security
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity planning
  • Operational security
  • End-user education

What are the types of cybersecurity threats that can be expected?

  • Ransomware is a type of malware that involves an attacker locking the victim’s computer system files, typically through encryption, and demanding a payment to decrypt and unlock them.
  • Malware is any file or program used to harm a computer user, such as worms, computer viruses, Trojan horses and spyware.
  • Social engineeringis an attack that relies on human interaction to trick users into breaking security procedures to gain sensitive information that is typically protected.
  • Phishingis a form of fraud where fraudulent emails are sent that resemble emails from reputable sources; however, these emails intend to steal sensitive data, such as credit card or login information.

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