A Few CV Mistakes to Avoid

In a tough job market, standing out from a crowd of applicants can be difficult.

Hiring managers scour hundreds of CVs to find the perfect candidate for a job. It means they sometimes have only 10-20 seconds for a quick scan of each CV and simple mistakes could ruin your chances of getting to the next round.

If you want a better chance of landing an interview, let your CV give potential employers a good first impression of you.

One size does not fit all

For better responses, take the time to adjust your CV for each role that you apply for. It makes things easier for recruiters and will clearly show your interest in the position. Ensure that the relevant skills and education for each position is highlighted to increase your chances of being shortlisted.

Grammar and spelling errors

Many recruiters and hiring managers will not excuse bad grammar and spelling. Get another person to look over your CV for any obvious mistakes. Don’t let a spelling mistake jeopardise your chances of landing your dream job.

Unprofessional email address

If you’re still using a funky email address from your high school days, it’s time for an upgrade. Recruiters don’t want to see email addresses like or Grab a free email address with your name and surname and use it exclusively for your job search. You will be taken more seriously and look like a professional.

Hard-to-read fonts

While it’s tempting to use a fancy font to stand out, it makes it difficult for recruiters to read and I’m sure you have caught on by now that you want to make things as easy as possible for recruiters. Keep things simple and stick to a font like Times New Roman or Arial.

Too many pages

Again, recruiters don’t have time to go through a ten-page CV. Keep it to a maximum of five to seven pages with short sentences and bullet points to highlight your skills. You can go into more detail once you are called in for an interview.

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