3 Ideas to Create an Employee Wellness Plan for Your Business

Healthy employees are critical for company performance and well-being. Does your company have a comprehensive employee wellness plan?

Moving employee wellness programmes to the background, cutting costs or discarding any wellness interventions can greatly affect a company’s productivity, creativity, and presenteeism levels. On the flip side, the lack of wellness initiatives in the workplace translates into a loss of quality of life, health risks and more stress for your employees.

Yet, in many cases, employee wellness interventions are still among the first to be downscaled or cut away – perhaps even before the advertising budgets!

Below are a few ideas to implement to bring employee wellness back on its track, or rethink your company’s wellness efforts in assisting your employees bring their best at work.

Comprehensive Health Screenings

At a minimum, enforce a comprehensive health screening initiative in your organisation. The goal is for every employee to have a clear indication of their current health status and stress levels.

Make it a regular exercise – quarterly, for example, and include the minimum health tests to determine blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels.

While these screenings are usually conducted in certain industries with a high risk of incidents which could affect health and safety (think of industrial profiles and construction), any organisation of any scale can benefit from performing these screenings regularly.

Regular Wellness Assessments

Employee wellness is not just about performing regular medical checkups for your employees. As its name suggests, the wellness and well-being of the people should be a priority.

Include a mental and emotional aspect in the health assessments, from personality style and psychological profile to spirituality and work-life balance considerations.

Chances are the information can also be used to assist the HR function in defining job profiles and in screening potential candidates in the future.

Employee Wellness Retreats

A great way to engage your employees, executive wellness retreats offer a practical, sustainable solution to address health risks and stress levels all at once, over a few days solely dedicated to their well-being. A bonus is the team building and employee interaction.

Management and employees retreat to a place away from work for intense group and individual wellness coaching and health assessments.

It is the perfect occasion to implement the points mentioned above and go beyond with engaging exercises and activities such as goal setting, meditation, motivational talks, and practical applications of healthy living practices.

Adapt your retreat programme to the company’s specific needs, and conduct follow-up sessions in the workplace to drive your wellness efforts even further.

Implement some or all the above ideas, and you have a structured employee wellness plan for your company.

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