Signs You Might Need a Career Change

How can you tell if it is finally time to change careers? Should you stay or should you take a leap of faith? We uncover five reasons that it might be time to look out for other career opportunities.

  1. You are exhausted – physically and mentally

A tell-tale sign that you may need to move on is experiencing frequent exhaustion, stress, and chronic illness.

If your health takes a back seat and your moods are not improving, you need to take a deeper look at the work itself or perhaps the toxic environment at the office.

The solution? Shifting careers, opting for a less stressful but more rewarding job, or switching from a full-time to part-time position can help you get back on track.

  1. Your heart is not in the work anymore

Your work involves daily tasks and responsibilities, and the use of various skills; could be presenting, reporting, networking, marketing, sales etcetera.

Perhaps you are mastering (or not) the daily work and the skills required to perform, but your heart is not entirely in it (read: you could not care less).

Holding on to a job just because of the paycheck and benefits and nothing more can lead to inside struggles and depression over long-term.

The solution? Choose a career where you feel comfortable and passionate about the work you do. Boredom and emptiness are a strong sign that you need to reconsider your career.

  1. Your work is not supporting your life goals

Despite all the choices you made in your career and your impressive CV, the outcome feels very wrong. It doesn’t support your long-term goals or your true passions.

Perhaps you have taken the work to please someone else or said yes to that promotion or new opportunity without asking yourself a heartfelt ’is that what I want or need?.’

If your work is not supporting and leading you to the position where you want to be, and you strongly feel that you can use your creativity and skills elsewhere in a different way, it may be the perfect time to leave.

The solution? Define your short-term and long-term goals and opt for a career that supports your life plan. You can make a meaningful impact and achieve what you have set to do through fulfilling work.

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