Social Media, a Reliable Tool to Find Jobs

Due to the new age of technology and the digital world that exists, social media has become an effective platform for prospective job seekers to find jobs.

Most employers and recruitment agencies use the Internet as a source to find the right candidates, which means that it has become a new trend in an applicant’s job search strategy.

Online social network sites have thus become an essential forum for advertising one’s skills. It allows for the establishment of a person’s brand and helps with the identification of job opportunities.

It puts a potential employee’s skills and experience into the public domain and provides opportunities to network online with professionals from all kinds of different employment sectors.


This article cannot be written without a mention of LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be a valuable tool in your job search as businesses, recruiters and head-hunters will use LinkedIn to search for candidates for particular jobs and then approach them directly.

Your LinkedIn profile is like writing an online CV. LinkedIn is not a replacement for a conventional CV, but it has become a very useful, if not essential, complement to it.


Facebook reported in 2016 that they had 1.59 billion active users. This successful social networking website can also aid with job searches as it allows users to create a personal profile, add other users as friends and exchange messages with other people (or potential employers) within the Facebook community framework.

Although it was originally intended for connecting friends and family, it is increasingly being used by organisations for more commercial reasons. Many businesses use it to communicate with staff, customers and the wider public. Some companies are also using it to recruit potential candidates by advertising job vacancies.

Listed below are some of the benefits of using social media for job searches:

  • Easy and fast applying of advertised roles
  • Greater visibility to recruiters who use social media to advertise jobs and source candidates
  • Building and engaging with a network
  • Potential to create a positive “self-brand”
  • Allows a job seeker to follow relevant companies within an interested industry

Although looking for jobs online may lead to success, you may need some extra help.

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