Building a Career as a Business Analyst

At the core, business analysts are problem solvers. They very often are interested in both business and the problems it faces and how to solve those problems using computer technology.

A business analyst will define the needs and problems within a business, corporation or organisation by studying its overall business and information needs.

They usually work in the IT department and implement computer or technology-based solutions to improve the way the company, government or organisation can move forward to achieve its goals.

A few things a business analyst does during their day will include:

  • collecting and analysing information to determine the actual needs and problems of the company
  • mapping out possible solutions and facilitating communication between departments
  • working with the development team to custom-designs IT solutions
  • constantly monitoring new systems to ensure it meets company’s goal

There are many pathways to becoming a business analyst, and it never hurts to acquire as much training as possible. The basic education requirements to become a business analyst is a Bachelor of Science degree with a heavy emphasis on mathematics and information technology.

This can be completed at various South African universities. Some universities of technology also offer a national diploma/bachelor of technology degree in information technology and computer science.

Apart from these educational qualifications, you will require a number of ‘soft skills’ which will include an interest in business and how it works.

If you can tick off the following, you may be ready to start on a new career path.

Would you consider yourself to be analytical and logical?

Are you persuasive, a team player, able to think creatively and solve problems?

Are you self-motivated and able to communicate clearly to diverse teams and people?

Are you willing to work hard and motivate others to be at their best?

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