High-tech Innovative Strategies in Recruitment

Employers find it more and more difficult to attract top talent and high-skilled employees in a competitive job market. Investing in digital tools to aid the recruitment process can change that and improve the recruitment process.

A recent 2018 Global Candidate Preferences Survey compiled by the Fortune 500 HR company ManpowerGroup provided some insights into innovative recruitment strategies.

Finding the Right Skills for the Job

Matching the candidate’s desired skills to the required jobs is crucial for employers and recruiters. Often, there is a serious gap between what is needed and the skills available in the market.

According to the ManpowerGroup report, 45% of employers are concerned about finding the right skills, an increasing problem in industries where the skills gap continues to widen, and high-skilled people are predominantly scarce. Africa is no exception.

Luckily, advanced technologies can help bridge this gap, and reduce the talent shortage. The survey showed employers and recruiters are investing in digital tools to prospect, screen and engage candidates, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the recruitment process.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence-powered bots can effectively cover the time-consuming searching and screening part of a recruiter’s job, leaving time for more strategic tasks.

Bots will be able to navigate through hundreds of CVs and identify the most likely candidates with the necessary hard and soft skills according to predetermined requirements. In short, bots will streamline the selection process for the recruiter, without completely replacing the recruitment role.

AI bots can also enhance the recruitment experience for the candidates looking for a job, by interacting early on with the prospects. The technology can be used to connect with the candidates through basic preliminary conversations. This way, recruiters gather important data about job applicants which would later help them with the selection.

Although in its early stages of development, chatbots have proven to ensure a higher quality of applicants and an overall improved candidate experience. There is no doubt that the technology is going to become more popular for recruiters and employers looking out for a low-cost and responsible solution to interact and follow-up with candidates.

A Gartner report predicts that 85% of enterprise-customer relationships will be managed without human interaction by 2020 thanks to AI bots, with the market estimated at billions of dollars. Click here for more information about the report.

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