Building a Career in Project Management

Project management offers a variety of career opportunities in different types of organisations and industries including engineering, IT, construction, finance and business.

A good project manager needs to possess the technical skills, knowledge and understanding to be able to manage projects in any particular industry or environment. Fortunately, these skills can be obtained through a combination of education and practical experience.

While project managers need to have the relevant qualifications and skills to manage projects from start to finish, experience plays a vital role. From voluntary work to managing small-scale projects, every step and opportunity is important in gaining relevant experience.

Usually, the role of project management involves managing and controlling operations within the budget and timeframe specified, but it can also include business analysis, strategic input and data/systems management (the latter specifically in the IT industry).

For example, a career in construction project management will focus on planning, overseeing and executing the operational tasks, while a business project management position will require working on business-related projects, including how the project affects the overall business strategy.

A career in project management can open doors to both local and international opportunities. Project managers can work for a local company involved in exciting international projects or for a local branch of a multi-national entity.

Given the relevant qualification and extensive experience accumulated over several years, senior project managers can head international projects advertised by global enterprises that offer great travel and relocation opportunities abroad.

Project management careers offer some flexibility, growth and rewarding prospects for those looking to advance in a multi-disciplinary career.

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