Lucrative Careers in the Financial Sector

The financial sector has a reputation for being a lucrative career choice with many high-paying jobs. Here are some of the jobs you can expect to find in the financial sector.

Cybersecurity Specialists

If you want to keep your business’s computer systems safe, a cybersecurity specialist is a person to call. In today’s financial world, client information is kept on computer servers, and it’s more important than ever to be able to protect this information from cyber attacks and scammers. The cybersecurity specialist will focus on finding risks and possible leaks in cloud servers, mobile devices and payment software, among others.

Business Analyst

A business analyst’s role in an organisation is to interact with stakeholders to define their business needs and create systems to achieve their goals. They may also identify and analyse problems within the business. The analyst will then offer guidance and advice to stakeholders on what would best suit the needs of the organisation in the present and the future.


Actuaries are trained to evaluate the likelihood of future events using numbers to find ways to manage risks. Actuaries need a combination of analytical skills, business knowledge and an understanding of human behaviour to reduce the likelihood of future risks or to reduce the impact of undesirable events.

Financial Analyst

Various organisations such as banks, businesses, pension funds and insurance companies employ financial analysts to provide guidance and make sound investment decisions. Financial analysts assess the stocks, bonds and other types of investments. They are also expected to keep the investment health of the organisation stable.

Wealth Manager

Wealth managers is a professional who offers high-level clients tax services, estate planning, retirement planning and financial and investment advice for high-level clients. Wealth managers need an in-depth knowledge of personal finances and investment markets to manage their clients’ portfolios effectively.

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