Corporates and Their Long Hiring Processes Put Off Candidates

Every industry has its unique requirements when it comes to the process of hiring new employees. There appears to be a maddening shift in the hiring process as it has become a much longer ordeal. It only adds to the stress and frustration experienced by job hunters.

This trend is unusual and seems counterintuitive due to the high demand for skilled talents matched with high levels of unemployed workers. According to a Forbes article, one would think that this war for talent would lead to employers acting faster, and not slower, to ensure that they secure the best candidates.

However, it appears that this long-winded process is not only problematic in South Africa. It has been described as a “global epidemic”, as studies reveal that this lengthy process is the norm in North America, Germany, France, and Australia.

Glassdoor Chief Economist, Andrew Chamberlain, provides some answers as to why the interview process is taking so much longer in recent times:

  1. Employers require more comprehensive interview processes
  2. The gain in popularity of screening methods such as group presentations, IQ tests, personality tests and drug tests
  3. The need for specialised and technical workers requires a more careful vetting process
  4. Companies are being very cautious and want to avoid a costly hiring mistake

Although this appears like a rather doom and gloom situation for job seekers, it does not mean that you should sit back and be complacent. There are a few things that you can do as an attempt to speed up the process.

Listed below are some tips for candidates to better manage this length hiring timeline:

  • Get full information about the organisation’s hiring process before you apply
  • Enquire about the “next step” at interviews
  • Adjust your expectations by planning that the process will last two or three times longer than the employer indicates
  • Aim to keep your job application pipeline full
  • Follow-up after a reasonable time

Unfortunately, the job seeking process requires patience and perseverance. Aristotle provided some insight into this when he said that “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

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