Why Digital Recruitment is the Best Way to Reach Candidates

Most organisations have moved to digital recruitment as their primary recruitment method, and for good reasons. In this blog, we look at online and social as the industry’s preferred tools for recruitment.

Online Recruitment

The advantages of online recruitment include a wider reach than traditional methods, cost-effective access to a larger pool of candidates, and minimal time investment for HR departments and recruitment agencies.

The industry is inundated with online job platforms freely open to recruiters and candidates. Although these have a wider reach and are easy to use, they do pose challenges. Companies are left to sift through hundreds if not thousands of submitted CVs. The distinction between qualifying and non-qualifying candidates still needs to be done.

Relying on a highly specialised professional recruitment agency which offers online recruiting is an attractive proposition for companies who need further screening and sorting quality leads.

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Social Recruitment

Social recruitment has exploded. LinkedIn Jobs and Facebook Job Ads are making waves in the industry, disrupting the more traditional recruiting methods, and streamlining online recruiting even further.

It is easy to see why social recruitment works. Recruiters can target cost-effectively candidates who spend most of their time on popular social media platforms.

These networks allow employers and recruiters to reach specific audiences using highly detailed criteria based on the person’s interest, education, skill set and other relevant information. In this way, HR and recruitment agencies can target the right candidates fast and efficient.

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