Top Bachelor’s Degrees with Cybersecurity Focus

A bachelor’s degree with a focus on cybersecurity is a strong foundation to enter this rewarding career path – and a highly prized position in IT jobs recruitment!

There are only a handful of IT professionals specialised in cybersecurity in South Africa, yet there is a high demand for these skilled computer scientists in the market.

Cybersecurity degrees offer different areas of specialisation. The best cybersecurity professionals study an interdisciplinary degree that combines the computer engineering and technology aspect of the job with technical writing, legal/ethics and management skills.

Depending on the area of interest and niche expertise required in the market, here are some bachelor’s degree options for IT graduates and professionals:

Bachelor’s of Science in IT Administration and Cybersecurity

This BS degree with a cybersecurity concentration is a great launchpad to a career in information security. The main focus is on understanding how security systems and database management work to ensure a company’s data and assets remain protected.

Cybersecurity professionals can enrol in IT departments as entry-level network engineers or security administrators, or become highly-paid cybersecurity consultants and auditors, working for a corporation or independently.

Bachelor of Arts in Cyber Security Management

Bachelor’s in Software Development and Security

Software developers, in particular, can further add a specialisation in security testing to their computer technology degree. Cybersecurity testers can identify and counteract vulnerabilities in applications and security systems, thereby improving security standards.

These cybersecurity specialists use their development and testing skills to assess software regularly, develop threatening security scenarios and analyse feedback to improve the system’s reaction to internal and external weaknesses.

Experienced security testers can also fulfil the role of an ‘ethical hacker’ or penetration tester, performing advanced testing from a hacker’s point of view and compiling reports for businesses with a keen interest in protecting very sensitive information.

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