5 Tips for landing your first job

As the year winds down, many recent graduates will find themselves fresh out of university and clutching their shiny degrees. And, most likely, looking for a job.

For young graduates preparing to enter the job market, it may be very daunting at the start. After having sent out countless resumes and attending numerous interviews without an answer, many graduates become dispirited. If you’re a young job seeker, don’t despair. Here are five handy tips to guide you through the job-hunting process:

1. Sort out your CV

Your CV is the first impression that prospective employers will get from you, it is, therefore, vital that you deliver the best CV that you can. Create a logical structure for your CV, make sure it contains all the relevant information, showcase all your relevant qualifications and experience, get someone to proofread your CV. Spelling and grammatical errors can result in recruiters and potential employers binning your CV very quickly. It’s highly likely that you can approach your student institution for assistance with compiling and editing your CV.

2. Search for opportunities

Job hunting is typically that, a hunt. When looking for a job, keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities, network, and do your research. There are many useful professional organisations you could join, which provide networking events, industry news and the possibility of finding a mentor.

A recruitment agency can be an invaluable tool during the search process, providing you with advice, sorting out some of the administration and networking for you. Most graduates find a job through someone they know, so networking is essential!

3. Develop your personal brand

Prospective employers are more than likely going to search for your digital footprint, including your social media accounts. Before you send out your CV, be sure to do your own social media audit and asses how well you are representing yourself online. Remove anything that could cast a negative light over your character or abilities.

4. Keep growing

In today’s modern and competitive world of work, ongoing professional development is a must. Your work doesn’t stop once you receive your degree or land your first job, oh no. In order to maintain your employability and value to a company, you will need to commit to an attitude of lifelong learning, continually updating and building on your skills.

5. Remain positive

The search for employment can be demanding and demotivating, and the inevitable rejections may be psychologically draining but you need to view each rejection as a chance to learn and grow. Keep committing to the job search and keep an optimistic spirit.

Don’t forget to make use of your institutions and your network, have faith in yourself, and it will all work out.

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