What is continuous learning and why is it important?

The phrase “continuous learning’ has quickly become a hot topic; trending on social media and most likely, attracting discussion in your workspace. But what is continuous learning? Also known as lifelong learning, continuous learning refers to the constant expansion of skills and skill-sets through education and increasing knowledge, and by expanding your skill set in response to a changing environment and new developments. The contemporary world is facing continuous, accelerated change, ensuring that knowledge has become obsolete more quickly than ever before. Continuous learning is therefore essential to your future success and requires self-motivation and persistence.

Continuous learning is vital because it may help you to remain relevant, prepare for the unexpected, boost your profile, grow your confidence, foster innovation and change your perspective. Many people believe themselves to be finished with education once they have received their degrees or diplomas. This way of thinking is counterintuitive to growth and successful living. These days change is a given, and all skill sets need to be updated and improved regularly.

How to undertake continuous learning

Firstly, consider approaching your workplace. A large percentage of employers have indicated that they are conscious of the benefits of lifelong learning, and they may be supportive of your educational aims. Businesses often have expansive resources at their disposal, which may assist you on your path to continuous learning. Continuous learning can also be as simple as being mindful of your environment- observing more experienced employees at work, attempting new ways of doing things, exploring alternative methods and asking for help when you feel you don’t understand something. Finding a learning style that works for you is another important factor of continuous learning; you can choose to engage with visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learning methods or even a mixture of these.

Continuous learning is an undeniably valuable tool for all employees and can only serve to boost your value to employers as well as your skill set. Continuous learning has become imperative for career success in the competitive job sector of today. Approach life with a curious and open mind and remain receptive to learning, this will enable you to engage with knowledge throughout your career and beyond.

Keep an eye open for our follow-up article, which will address resources for continuous learning.

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