Global Employee Engagement Levels Reach All-Time High

Employee engagement around the globe rebounded to an all-time high of 65% after last year’s reported decrease, particularly driven by a major surge in engagement on the African continent and in the Asian markets.

These were the findings of the latest 2018 Trends in Global Employee Engagement report recently published by Aon, with Africa leading the reported employee engagement growth.

According to the company, the concept of employee engagement is often confused with satisfaction or happiness but is best defined as the employee’s psychological investment in the organisation and the motivation to produce extraordinary results.

Companies with above-average engagement levels will see better employee productivity, lower turnover rates, and higher customer satisfaction scores.

The above factors can significantly contribute to improved financial performance. For example, Aon research also shows that a five-point increase in employee engagement links to a three-point increase in revenue growth in the subsequent year.

The research shows that employee engagement on the African continent climbed from 61% to 66% in 2017. Overall, employee engagement has improved by 15 percentage points in Africa since 2012.

The growth in employee engagement is a positive sign that employers in Africa’s largest economies, namely South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt, are becoming more successful in attracting, promoting, and retaining the right talent.

The continent had the biggest increase in the five regions included in the study: Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa.

According to Aon, rewards and recognition ranked as the strongest engagement opportunity for the second year in a row, with recognition for contributions and fair remuneration being the most influencing factors.

Furthermore, the variances in the level of employee engagement are driven by regional and country-specific economic, political and cultural differences. Political stability and continuous economic expansions in Africa and Asia, for example, play an important role not only in business but also people investments, the cornerstone of employee engagement.

Over the past five years, global employee engagement had shifted from just over half (51%) of employees actively engaged at work to almost two-thirds. More than five million employees at more than 1,000 organisations joined in the Aon global study.

Download the full report here: 2018 Trends in Global Employee Engagement report

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