Career Options in Information Technology

The world of computers and technology was once reserved for a privileged few, and it was unthinkable to imagine a computer that could fit in your pocket.

Today, whether it’s on a mobile phone or a tablet or even a desktop computer, almost everyone has access to a computer with Internet. Most industries are becoming more and more dependent on computers, and there has never been a better time to get into tech.

From developing apps, websites and games to helping companies beef up their cybersecurity, there is a myriad of options when it comes to deciding on a career in information technology. So which are some of these options available to you?

Software Programmer

If you like learning new coding languages and creating new tech features, this may be the ideal career path for you. Programmers produce apps, improve on existing code and come up with new features, among other things. Understanding languages such as C++, Python, Java and Ruby will open up a world of work.

Games Developer

This area is one of the cooler aspects of computer technology. You are still using code, but you are now able to turn that into an amazing looking game. This career path is that it also combines artistic fields like illustration and writing in addition to the tech stuff.

As a games developer, you will need the ability to work in a high-pressure environment while working on titles for consoles, computers, tablets and smartphones.

Information Security Analysts

A lot of people have highly sensitive information such as banking details stored on online servers. There have also been a few instances of security breaches and personal information being leaked by hackers.

As an information security analyst, you would be expected to keep up-to-date on the latest technology, ensure effective security system against cyber-attacks and educate staff about unintended disclosures.

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