Boost Employee Morale with Day-to-day Support

Managing customer and client issues have always been at the forefront of any business. The old saying goes “The customer is always right” or “The client comes first.”

This approach sometimes goes against the wellbeing of employees and often leaves them feeling sidelined and dejected. Treating employees well is key to providing good service to customers, but many businesses often forget this.

However, solving the pain points of employees can go a long way in boosting workplace morale. So how are you supporting your employees?

Companies often think of employee support in terms of things, fun perks, benefits, transparency and team building activities. But it is often the day-to-day support that employees appreciate more.

Stay Current

Are there any social issues happening that could affect your staff’s performance? Things like strikes are all too common in South Africa.

Taxi strikes leave may people stranded and unable to get to work on time. If you have advanced notice of this, maybe you can arrange alternative transport at a safe pick-up and drop-off spot.

If teachers are on strike and parents are scrambling for someone to take care of their kids, you can turn it into a “bring your kids to work day”. It will be one less thing your staff have to worry about.

Accommodate Different Cultures

The work and school calendar are centred around public holidays and Christian religious holidays. People of other cultures/religions are often left feeling sidelined, especially when everyone gets time off for Easter or Christmas, but they need to make special arrangements and eat into their leave days for their festivals.

Make an effort to learn about your employees’ religious beliefs and the significance around cultural holidays. It may not be feasible to give all those employees the days off but what about a half-day? Or maybe host a mini celebration at work?

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