5 Exciting Career Opportunities in Engineering

Recent challenges in infrastructure delivery, power and water supply in South Africa has strengthened the demand for employees with relevant qualifications and high in-demand science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills.

There are various career paths to consider for engineers, a sought-after profession among top employers in South Africa, according to the Engineering Council of South Africa which sees STEM as scarce skills in the country (hence your chance to shine in the industry!)

There’s no doubt the country needs engineers with innovative thinking and problem-solving skills. Employers are also keen to recruit and develop STEM talent through bursary programs for candidates with science and engineering degrees.

Specialisation in one of these fields offers great rewards and satisfaction for candidates equipped with the right STEM skill set.

Mechanical engineers develop and improve mechanical systems used in a variety of industries from manufacturing to automotive. This career demands good physics and materials science knowledge.

Electrical engineers work on various components and electrical system with diverse applications such as computers, electronics, robotics, or power station supplying. It demands familiarity with electricity conduits and principles.

Civil engineers focus on the design and maintenance of infrastructure, as in roads, structure walls and bridges. This exciting career option requires strong maths and physics skills.

Chemical engineers oversee the operation and design of plants and equipment needed to make industrial chemical products. Knowledge of raw materials and chemical processes is essential.

Mining engineers are responsible for the safe and efficient extraction of minerals from the ground, using good science practices and engineering skills.

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