Career Trends: Risk Analyst, a Lucrative Career Choice

As the global marketplace becomes more complex and susceptible to increasing business and economic risks, the role of analysts becomes a vital and very lucrative career choice.

While an analyst’s responsibilities depend on the employer’s business and area of specialisation, the job entails assisting companies to protect their assets and resources and make better business decisions.

Risk analysts, particularly, advise on market challenges and opportunities, and excessive exposure and risks. Common focus areas include credit, market, operational or regulatory risks, but some analysts can assess multiple areas.

Market Risk Analysts

Market risk analysts assess how external financial conditions, for example, interest rate changes or commodity prices, impact the company’s financial performance. By working with financial and trading organisations, they conduct market research and provide informed opinions on significant trades, portfolio and investment risks.

Operational/Internal Risk Analysts

Operational risk analysts identify and investigate potential losses and problems caused by internal factors like management, staffing, or business system vulnerabilities. These risk analysts propose solutions to directors and senior management to avert management, reputational and political risks.

Credit Risk Analysts

Credit risk analysts work for banks, credit card companies, investment companies and credit rating agencies to determine if clients are likely to default on loans. They gather information on revenues, current debt obligations, inventory and credit history, and make recommendations on loan terms.

Regulatory Risk Analysts

Regulatory risk analysts investigate and determine how new legislation and proposed laws affect the company’s operations. The work involves researching similar legislation in other jurisdictions, representing the company in industry policy debates and providing recommendations for compliance.

Overall, risk analysts are needed behind the scenes in the financial markets and all major industries to navigate various business scenarios and market conditions and minimise potential risks. The career opportunities are substantial, and so are the rewards.

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